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Our company is a famous brand which is integrated the function of manufacture, development and research. For a long time, we adhere to the design faith of “Person-orient” From product design to quality of product management, we hold the pass strictly. Our entire products accord with the China standards such as GB6952-99, GBN. Our products are sold to all the country and Southeast Asia.
Recently, our company keeps on producing hi-tech sanitary wares to enhance the quality of people life and satisfy different demands. Our products, such as toilet, counter basin, basin with pedestal, are characterized with outstanding quality, wonderful appearance and advanced function. Besides, we focus on the function of environmental protection. Each of our products shows the new development trends of sanitary wares that bring you comfort and relax for the busy citizens. Faced with development and impetuosity competition, looking forward to the future, we insist on high quality, and construct a comfortable home for you. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you, and create a better future.